Who We Are

ORA is a multi-disciplinary, creative design studio.at ora we are all designers first. we translate abstract concepts into real life results. we offer a comprehensive set of services from master planning to renderings to construction documents to interior design. our studio is passionate about our work and our people. our work is varied and flexible.

collaborative in scope

every project is a team effort. we bring valuable assets to the table - our knowledge, our intelligence, and our design acumen. by being attentive, responsive and detailed, we navigate an incredibly complicated process to make it as easy as possible. in return, we expect the same level of respect and commitment from our collaborators.

purposeful in design

everything we do is for a reason. our designs are tailored to our clients’ needs and desires while also taking into consideration the potential and limitations of the space within context. we are carefully selective about the work we take on in an effort to provide high quality services and designs.

spirited in approach

we approach our projects with optimism. we produce contemporary and innovative spaces that are thoughtfully designed. we want to always remember to have fun and make the experience an enjoyable one.

honest in communication

keeping an open dialogue is key to every project. 

we don’t make promises we can’t keep. we always want to do our best to bring our visions to life, but we’re also fully aware that there will be limitations and forces outside of our control. we strive to keep our clients informed and don’t set unrealistic expectations.


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